School Closings & Delays

The NLC will follow the Federal Government’s schedule for closing due to inclement weather and late opening, NOT the Loudoun County Public Schools.

  • ŸIf Loudoun County Public Schools have an early dismissal, the NLC bus will immediately pick the children up from school.
  •  If the Federal Government Offices have an early dismissal, parents are required to pick their children up immediately from the center.
  •  If the Federal Government Offices have a delayed opening, the NLC will have the same delay.

You will receive a text and email from the NLC no later than 6:00am should a closure or delay be in effect for the NLC on a particular day. You may also check the website for closure and delay information.

When Loudoun County Public Schools are closed due to holidays or teacher workdays and the NLC is open, school age children may attend for an extra fee.  The extra fee is applied if the child arrives before their normal time i.e. 11:00am for kindergarten or 2:45pm for 1st – 5th grade.