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Safety remains our priority during this time of pandemic, but that won’t keep us from exploring the world around us and having an amazing time doing it! Senior Camp will take one field trip each week, and Junior Camp will take one field trip each week.

We require registration for full weeks only in order to keep the same small group of children together on a weekly basis. We are limiting the size of our summer camp classes and will have the kids outside as much as possible every day, utilizing our front field and safely blocked off parking lot for fun, outdoor activities.

June 16-18: Summer Blast Off!
Who wants to ease into summer…let’s BLAST our way in with a smorgasbord of activities that just scream summer! A preview of the fun ahead is in the works this week, so come READY FOR SUMMER!

June 21-25: Beach Week!
We might not be AT the beach, but we can pretend, so how about making tie-dye, seashell wind chimes, and sand art? This week’s field trips take the kids to Douglas Park where they can enjoy the wind in their hair. And no beach week can be complete without water, so the kids will squirt, splash, and spray their way to fun while in-house.

June 28-July 2: Amazing Animals!
Visiting one of our local animal parks is a fantastic way to celebrate the animals in the world around us. But don’t forget all the in-house fun, too: animal yoga, animal origami, animal charades…man, this place is a zoo!

July 6-9: Engineering Excitement!
Visiting Hamilton Park and enjoying a picnic is a fantastic way to examine the engineering that goes into playground structures. What other engineering feats will be explored this week? How far can we launch a cotton ball? How does a parachute work? How fast can a wind-powered car go? And of course – paper airplanes!

July 12-16: It’s the Olympics!
We can’t wait to try out some Olympic-inspired events! But we will also try some events we’ve never seen on TV, like pool noodle Frisbee races, balloon between the knees races – maybe the Olympic Committee can get some ideas from us! The senior campers will visit Camp Highroad and the junior campers will explore Franklin Park for this week’s field trips.

July 19-23: Cooking up Fun!
The kids will pay a visit to JK Farms in Round Hill to learn about where our food comes from and to lend a hand on this working farm whose produce all goes to local food banks. Once we are back in-house, we will try our hand at baking our own bread, making salsa, cooking pizza, and mmmmm-uch more!

July 26-29: Exciting Arts Week!
Painting our own pottery will be our field trip this week, and what a great way to explore one type of art media. The kids will also learn paper plate weaving, decorate the sidewalks with beautiful chalk drawings, make their pictures float, and even create pop bottle fireflies.

Aug 2-6: Space Camp!
The kids will not only build spaceships this week, they will also build marshmallow constellations, paint foil moons, and so much more. A trip to Berryville Park and soaring into the skies on the swings sounds like a great way to dream about flying off into outer space!

Aug 9-13: Experimenting with Science!
Dinosaur Land is the perfect way to feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine that has taken you back in time – WAY back in time! In addition to this exciting field trip, the children will learn about thermodynamics by making ice cream in a bag, explore chemical reactions by forming a citrus volcano, and observe viscosity when creating their own lava lamps!

Aug 16-19: Sports Frenzy!
Of course, our campers will enjoy soccer, kickball, and basketball this week. But what about paper plate tennis? Finger football? And who doesn’t love a rousing game of ping pong! The field trip this week might include a trip to a pool if it can be safely managed; if we aren’t quite at that stage yet then the older campers will head to mini-golf and the younger to Douglas Park for a play and picnic day!

What were your favorite activities this summer? Let’s do them again! But no pressure, these are supposed to be lazy days so there will be lots of chill time with friends as we recharge and get ready for school to start for the fall.

NOTE: Field trips are subject to change.

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