Each summer brings a new, fun and exciting theme for camp!

School aged children (rising 1st grade through rising 6th grade) take three field trips each week to local destinations including water parks, pools, parks, museums, trails, movie theaters, and playgrounds. Their days are filled with lots of outdoor time as well as fun games and activities that keep them engaged and having a great time. During “at-home” days activities such as yoga and music are woven into the fabric of the day, with lots of playground time, outdoor games, crafts, and lots of fun!

Preschool aged children (rising kindergartners) enjoy activities centered around the weekly themes and explore through lots of crafts, art, music, yoga, water play, and as much outdoor time as possible. They also enjoy weekly field trips to the library, parks, playgrounds, museums, and more. Learning is incorporated without the children even realizing it, they are having such a fun time!

Please contact us for more information. Summer camp enrollment is ongoing. Daily rates are available as well as rates up through 5 days/week. Hours are from 6:30am – 6:30pm or for as many hours as you decide each day.