“My son Bradley has been going to the NLC for after school and summer camp. While he attends the after school program he can do his homework and then enjoy the rest of the afternoon with his friends. They have a variety of activities such as going outside, arts and crafts, and designated days to bring electronics to play I pad games. Bradley is an only child and thoroughly enjoys bonding with all the children. The staff have commented on how well he gets along with all age groups. They have helped support my philosophy in raising children to learn the art of being kind and helpful to others. I had considered this coming fall to have Bradley be involved with an after school soccer activity with his friends. I shared this with Bradley  and he was devastated of even the thought of not going to the NLC this fall. Needless to say, I kept him in the NLC program for this fall. Bradly is thoroughly excited to be attending another year at the NLC for after school. The staff is very loving and caring. The principles of there program help to instill strong character, integrity and honesty. I feel confident that he is in a very loving and kind environment. I can not thank the staff enough for truly taking such good care of my son while I am at work. I feel truly blessed to have my son participate in their program.”

Debbie Bernard

“I’m Rebecca’s mom and can’t pass up the chance to pass on some good reports that you and the daycare are getting from people in our neighborhood. We have a neighborhood Facebook page and this morning one of the moms requested feedback about your particular daycare. Lots of parents responded, saying how pleased they are with you and your crew and how much their children like going there and how everyone who works there loves the children, etc. –not a bad thing was said. There was lots of excited and positive talk about it filling up quickly and reports of people whose children would start soon. So, not only does Rebecca love the center, our whole neighborhood is loving it! You’re building quite the good reputation on our area and it’s a strong testimony to your continued hard work–it’s paying off!

Thank you for all you do!”

Rebecca’s mom

“Our family was not eligible for full-day kindergarten, but as full-time working parents, we still needed a full-day childcare solution. The Neighborhood Learning Center’s Kindergarten Enrichment program provided a full-day education and childcare solution for us. Our son attends public school kindergarten in the mornings and his school bus drops him off at NLC where he has lunch and then goes to the Kindergarten Enrichment class. The small class size of the program allows lots of one-on-one time with our son and the teacher. Because of the additional time and support he gets with NLC’s focus on literacy, he is already meeting the kindergarten reading benchmark. NLC’s program also provides field trip opportunities to farms, veteran’s homes and even the grocery store to teach the children about their community. We have been so pleased with the quality and care of the teachers and highly recommend the Kindergarten Enrichment program to other families looking for full-day solutions.”

Julie McDonald

“I am so grateful for all the lessons/talks about values you teach the kids. Tyler absorbs all of the things you say and it warms my heart when I hear him say things that I know he’s learning there with you. Yesterday he came home to tell me that “boys always let girls go first.” He also tells us “always tell the truth or trouble gets bigger.” I don’t feel that there is enough emphasis placed on values and doing the right thing and I wanted to make sure you knew how important I feel this is and what an incredible job you (as well as all of the other teachers) do about teaching the kids this. I feel like what you do makes my life at home in reinforcing all of these values so much easier!! Thank you for all that you do to teach these lessons and values to the kids!”

Jessica Andrea

“My children love coming to the Neighborhood Learning Center! They have made so many wonderful friendships with other children from all over our community. Sometimes when I come to pick them up, they want to stay longer and play. The Pre-K program and Kindergarten Enrichment programs have provided my preschooler with a great foundation for elementary school. He is already starting to read and write! My school age child is involved in all kinds of great activities in the after school program like chess, board games, beautiful crafts and lots of outdoor playtime. Their teachers and caregivers at the NLC truly love my children and know them well.”

Shirley Haddad

“My daughter Ava has been attending The Neighborhood Learning Center since this past spring. She loves the teachers, the routine, and most of all her friends. I could not be happier with the quality of care Ava receives daily.”

Tina Miller

“My son is almost nine and has been attending The NLC’s After-School program since September 2011.  He had never attended any type of day care or after-school program before, and with two older sisters, he never usually had much ‘boy time’ during the week. Being a part of The Neighborhood Learning Center’s program has been wonderful for him. He gets to play football and other games after school and has made many new friends. He eats a healthy snack, completes his homework with supervision, and goes outside to play on the playground. In inclement weather the kids play inside with the Wii, toys or they throw a ball around in The Fellowship Hall inside the church. My work day ends at 4pm; many times when I go to collect him he begs to stay longer. I often let him stay and pick him up later because he is having so much fun. I highly recommend The Neighborhood Learning Center.”

M. Bucknor