Every week a new theme encourages campers to explore and learn, all while having FUN! The kids stay active, whether going on the regular weekly field trips or staying in-house enjoying activities and games led by our awesome Staff!

Summer Camp is for children entering 1st through 5th grades.

Summer camp is from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm Monday through Friday. Center hours are from 6:30 am – 6:30 pm. Extended care is available at no extra cost!

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June 18-22: SURF’S UP! Get ready for a luau! Inspired by a Hawaiian beach party, this week we will dive into summer at both Volcano Island Water Park and the Franklin Park Pool. Our week of ocean-themed fun and exploration might lead us to explore questions like why the ocean tastes salty, or what lives on the ocean floor? This is the week we jump with both feet into these questions and more during our fun explorations, all topped off with – of course – an actual luau!

June 25-29:  ANIMAL PLANET! Ever wonder why chameleons change colors, what materials birds use to build their nests, or why giraffes have purple tongues? We will find answers to these questions and more! We will visit the National Zoo in D.C., a local farm, and may even bring a petting zoo to us!

July 02-06: PARTY IN THE USA! As we celebrate our country’s independence, we visit “For the Kids, By George” Children’s Museum, inspired by the life of the young George Washington. Lots of patriotic activities including a cookout at a local park with our friends, a dip in the pool, and ice cream and apple pie fill the days. We will also hold a patriotic bike and scooter parade in the parking lot, followed by water play and popsicles!

July 09-13: CREATIVE FRENZY! From painting to sculpting to drawing and more, campers are encouraged to express their inner artists and let their imaginations soar all week long. To explore the beautiful world around us and let our creative juices flow we will take a trip to Skyline Caverns – truly God’s canvas! –and will visit with a local artist. Cooling off in the pool might not be artistic, but it sure is a great way to enjoy the summer! Art show at the end of the week!

July 16-20: PICTURE PERFECT! Campers will explore the tools necessary to capture great photos and videos, as well as composition and attention to detail. Visiting Great Falls will be a great place for photos, and going to a movie will allow us to observe cinematography in action! We will add some of our photo projects to the art show we started the prior week.

July 23-27: MEGA SPORTS! This week we focus on fitness fun and experiencing a variety of different sports and games, both indoor and out. Campers can play familiar favorites like freeze tag and soccer, and can try some new sports and games, too (Quidditch, anyone?). Field trips to a bowling center and Sport Bounce of Loudoun are also on tap!

July 30-Aug 03:  BLOCK PARTY! Dream it. Build it. Wreck it. Repeat! Campers will construct simple and elaborate objects, structures, and vehicles, using different materials. We’ll build using items like Lego blocks, but also unusual materials such as paper and string, or even food items, all while exploring fundamental principles of engineering and physics. Field trips include a trip to Udvar-Hazy to learn about airplane engineering, and the National Building Museum in D.C.

Aug 06-10:  MAD SCIENTIST! Get out your goggles, magnifying glasses, and microscopes! We will create fun experiments like building our own volcanoes, collecting items to grow in petri dishes and then checking them out under a microscope, and making our own crystals. Our scientific minds will be working overtime this week! Field trips include the Children’s Science Center and walking the nature trail at Franklin Park to explore the local flora and fauna. And every mad scientist must experiment with what floats and what sinks by visiting a water park!

Aug 13-16:  OUR WACKY AND WET SUMMER! Water, water everywhere, and everyone will get wet! Towels and swimsuits are a must every day this week as we have fun cooling off with water, both in house and out and about. We will head to the AV Symington Aquatic Center and Jay Dee’s Family Fun Center’s water park for our outings, and will enjoy fun water-themed games and activities in-house all week long.

Aug 20-22:  LAST LAZY DAYS OF SUMMER! With 3 days of summer left before school starts, we will relax at the NLC and take one final trip to the local pool. Chalking up the sidewalks, having a bubble blowing frenzy, signing each other’s summer camp tees, scrapbooking our summer adventures, making ice cream or getting comfy while we watch a movie or read a good book, this week will be the perfect end to an amazing summer! Rising Kindergartners will join the summer camp fun this week!