Please call the school at 540-338-3956 to report absences or schedule changes.

Preschool Age Children & Full Day School-Aged Children

The NLC requires that parents notify the NLC by 10:00 am if a child will be absent for the day unless prior arrangements have been made. For children attending fewer than 5 days per week, prior authorization from the Director is required for any schedule changes.

After School Schedule Changes

Parents of school-age children are responsible for notifying the NLC if their child’s schedule changes, including if he or she is out sick. You must notify the NLC by 1:00 pm if a child will not be attending after school care that day. If the NLC has not had prior notification from the parent, the staff member who is picking up the child at the school will wait at the school until the school confirms the child’s absence or that the child took an alternative mode of transportation.

Families who regularly fail to notify the NLC that their child will not be attending on a scheduled day of attendance may be charged a $20 fee per incident. This fee will be added to your account balance. Again, we ask families to please consider the staff and children on the bus pick-up route. The NLC bus will only run on days when Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) are in session.