We use the 1Core Family app for attendance, and which is available for both Apple and Android phones.

  • INSTALL THE APP: Please visit https://1coresolution.com/parent.html and scroll down. Click to download the free app on either Apple or Android. Once the app is installed, you will login using your regular Parent Portal login credentials (if you have a saved password, it will be for the website www.oncareoffice.com).
  • If you have trouble logging in to the app, please let a staff member know.

When you pull into the NLC driveway, please park either in the circle in front of the building along the curb or in any marked parking spot.

Drop Off & Pickup

  • Each morning, complete your child’s health screening:
    • Before entering the Center, open the 1Core Family app and click the yellow banner that says, “Reminder to confirm your child’s attendance and quick health screen.”
    • Tap your child’s name and choose whether your child will be attending that day or not.
    • If you choose “Yes, Coming,” you will be prompted to answer health screening questions for your child. Click Done. You should then see additional information listed below your child’s name, “Coming Today | Health Screening Done.”
  • Use the keypad next to the left set of double doors to enter the 4-digit door code (provided to you by a staff member). Make sure you type a * after the 4 digits.
  • There will still be a QR code to scan at drop off and pickup to check your child into and out of the Center. PLEASE scan this code to check in and out. This code is available both in the main lobby and outside every classroom.
  • In the morning, parents of Cubs, Bunnies, and Ducks will escort their children to their classrooms and drop off at the door with a quick hug and a kiss. Staff members will escort children in other classes to their classroom after their parents check them in.
  • If a child arrives after 8:45 am, no matter what class they are in, a staff member will escort them to their room.
  • In the afternoon, ALL parents will pick up their children at their classrooms.
  • If a parent arrives to pick up their child before 3:00 pm, a staff member will bring them to the entryway for you.
  • Please remember that drop off and pick up time are not the times to speak with your child’s teacher for more than a moment or so – they have other children for whom they are responsible and must monitor for safety. We are happy to schedule a time for you to meet.

If you forget your phone, please notify a staff member.

If you notice your child is on the front playground or the field when you arrive:

  • Park your car and proceed directly to the playground or field.
  • A staff member will have you scan a QR code to check your child out of the Center. You may then take custody of your child directly. You MUST contact the staff member in charge of your child’s group prior to taking your child so we can make sure everyone is accounted for.