Bunnies & Baskets – Duck Pond Lesson Plan

Story- Llama Llama Easter Egg
Activity- Easter Egg Hunt
Art- Paper Plate Bunny: So simple. Let your duck color (Any color will do. Markers or crayons are perfect!) a paper plate or paper circle. Add ears, eyes, and some whiskers! 

Story- Where are Baby’s Eggs?
Song- Little Bunny Foo Foo
Art- Egg Mosaic: Another simple but fun project. You will need some scrap paper cut into various shapes. Triangles, squares, & rectangles are the easiest. Cut an egg shape out construction paper, card stock, foam, etc. Depending on their skill level spread glue or use a glue stick on egg shape. (If your duck is able, they can spread the glue or glue stick). Now, have your duck place the different scrap shapes onto their egg. Remember: Your duck’s picture won’t be neat like this one.  That’s ok!!!

Story- Peter Cottontail
Activity- Bunny Hop Dance
Art- Dough/Dough/Dough!: Break out the playdough! It’s time to smash, squish, pinch, and roll! Don’t have playdough? Go make yourself a batch with this recipe!

  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 cup salt
  • 4 teaspoons cream of tartar
  • 2 cups lukewarm water
  • 2 Tablespoons of vegetable oil (coconut oil works too)
  • Food coloring, optional
  • Quart sized bags

Have fun making it! Make sure after you and your duck are done, place the dough in an air tight container. Zip-loc bags work just as well!  playdough too messy for the house you say? Go outside and use your playdough on the patio/deck table!

Story- Elmo’s Bunny Hop
Song- Sleeping Bunnies
Art- Paper Plate Easter Basket: I recommend a thin paper plate for this project. No paper plates? Trace a dinner plate on a piece of paper. Cut out your circle. Have your child paint/color the bottom of plate. Follow the picture on the diagram in regards to cut and fold your new basket. Add a strip of paper for a handle. Great creative! Go use that basket for egg hunts!

Story- Baby Bunny
Song- 10 Little Bunnies
Activity- Easter Egg Hunt
Art- Hand-Print Palm Tree: You will need some green & brown paint, (you may cut a trunk out of brown paper & have your duck glue it on their project!) a medium paint brush, a piece of white/yellow construction paper or card stock. Paint your duck’s hand. Take painted hand and press at top of paper in three connected prints. Have your duck, with your assistance, paint a brown trunk that connects the palm leaves (hand-prints) to bottom of page.

Egg Hunts!
Our Ducks love to look for objects! Eggs & Basket/Bucket Hunts are a perfect activity for them. The best part right now? They won’t expect a surprise in the egg yet! I do recommend sealing the plastic eggs with tape. Toddlers love to open plastic eggs. After a while, you will have mismatched eggs that won’t fit together well!! Place eggs around in a small area of yard.  Let them go to town. Note: Egg Hunts are also an awesome indoor activity! Different hunts in different rooms!

Have fun! Show us pictures of your duck’s creations and activities on Active in the Neighborhood on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/661035804652006/