Easter & Jesus: Duck Pond Lesson Plan

Story: The Easter Story
Song: He’s Got the Whole World in his Hands
Activity: Egg Rescue- Get any small to medium box or storage container, painter’s or masking tape, plastic eggs or small balls, a couple of spoons (large or small depending on your Duck). Place eggs\balls in a box or container. Create several criss-cross patterns on top of box with tape. Give your Duck a spoon, and let them fish out the objects out of the box. If they get bored, add some small toys to the mix! Great exercise for fine motor control.

Story: The Story of Easter
Song: This Little Light of Mine
Art: Cross Painting- Let your toddler use bright finger paints on a paper plate or card stock sheet. When paint dries, cut out a black cross. Glue cross to picture!

Story: Easter Blessings
Song: Jesus Loves Me
Activity: Chalk Fun!- Get outside & color your driveway, sidewalk, trees, fences, etc.! Raining? Chalk color on dark colored construction paper!

Story: Legend of the Easter Egg
Song: Jesus Loves the Little Children
Art: Foil Egg with Sharpies- Warning! Get out a bib or old shirt! Sharpies are permanent markers. Cut egg shape out of cardboard or cardstock. Cover egg-shape with foil shinny side up. Secure back with a little tape. Let your Duck color egg. That’s it! Water-based markers will not work with this project.

Story: Toddler Bible Story of Easter
Song: You are my Sunshine
Art: Egg Shakers- You will need: plastic spoons, plastic eggs, rice, and duct tape (Most toddler resistant). Add some rice to a plastic egg. Seal egg with a little duct tape. Place plastic spoons on each side of egg. Secure egg shaker with more duct tape. Turn on some music & shake your maracas!

Have lots of fun! Take lots of pictures! Check out the virtual Duck Pond blog for not just the lesson plan but other age appropriate activities & fun items as well! Happy Easter Everyone!

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