Teaching is my passion, and I am going to try my best to continue to do so while we are all at home. One thing that children thrive on is consistency, and to have consistency we have schedules. Schedules are important in everyday life, but they are even more important for children. They help them feel secure and know what comes next. Little ones can’t tell time, so they know what time it is by what activity they are doing. For example, in the Hummingbirds Class, if they are outside playing they know that after they play they go inside to go potty, wash hands and get ready to go to lunch.

Your schedule at home doesn’t have to be super strict; flexibility is what teachers thrive on! If an activity you had planned during a certain time didn’t work out, just switch around a few other activities and try again another time. No big deal! Below, you will find some great schedules that I’ve collected. You can also just follow the same schedule that is used in your child’s classroom. It’s simple and already written out, so there’s no need to stress about trying to figure one out.

A Note about Free Time:
Free time is a great time for you (parents) to be able to get something done around the house. The child picks what they want to do, while you get some dishes or laundry done. Take advantage of nap time, too! Give yourself time to breathe and relax.

We are here if you have any questions or concerns. We can get through this together!

All the Best!
Ms. Caitlin